Television Deaths I Will Never Get Over

To say I am mindlessly obsessed when it comes to television programmes might be an understatement, however when you develop attachments to your favourite television programmes they become apart of your routine, you can’t help but feel like the characters involved in these fictional programmes are almost like friends  or family (I say almost). That you want them to be happy, cause hey when you are watching these shows and something happy happens, well you get that feel good feeling. But if something unthinkable and tragic happens well it can affect you for a while (perhaps more than it should), especially when it comes to the ultimate heartbreak, the killing off of your favourite characters.

Pretty much how I feel after my favourite character dies

Pretty much how I feel after my favouriteholding jenna character dies (Awkward’s Jenna and Matty)

Why? Why do the writers do it (well we know why they do), but is it really necessary? Is the show ever the same without that character with the witty repor, the understanding and releatable personality, the dashing good looks or more painfully that finally, finally the character was getting their break/happy ending and bamn they kill them instead (I amn’t bitter at all, not at all). So in this blog post I’ve decided to delve into characters that I’ve loved and lost from my favourite television shows. Whether their departure was a necessary one, why I loved them and more importantly, did they have a fitting end? So sit back and relax, while I open up my heart and relive that pain all over again, and yes there will be spoilers (it’s a blog post based on television deaths, what do you expect?)

*I am warning you again there are spoilers for Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, True Blood,  Glee, Coronation Street and Grey’s Anatomy. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.*

Tricia Miller – Orange is the New Black

tricia miller

Tricia tells it like it is, that in reality not everyone is lucky in life

Orange is the New Black is one of those shows that everyone is talking about till you have no choice but to eventually give in to see what all the fuss is and then kick yourself for not watching it sooner. It contains the right mixture of drama, comedy and the special ability of making nearly every character likeable or at the very least understandable. Each episode is centred on a character’s tale of how they come to be in prison and basically why they are the way they are and Tricia Miller’s episode was no exception.  We didn’t meet Tricia till halfway through the first season but you couldn’t help not feel for her especially how much she was in love with Mercy  and clearly was still suffering from drug addiction. She of course was doing deals with absolute scumbag and creepy prison officer George Mendez (yah I don’t like him) and from the onset you know it’s not going to end well.

In the Tricia centric episode we learn how she led a life of being homeless and by trying to survive led her onto drug addiction but despite her struggles she would always try to repay her debts. Which is what makes her death so tragic throughout the whole episode she is trying to repay her drug debts to sickly Pornstache (another delightful name for Mendez) but also to  Red who she got in trouble through her drug addiction problems. Her attempts to repay her debt and get rid of excess drugs (which was really the problem) eventually led to her accidental overdose. Of course being the absolute selfish person Mendez  is (I really don’t like him but I suppose I feel sorry for him in the last few episodes) he shows no remorse for her death that he is in reality responsible for and covers it up to make it look like a suicide.  Even though her death came as a surprise it wasn’t that shocking because the underhand drug deals had to come to a head at some point and Mendez had to get some form of comeuppance.  Yes her death was necessary plot wise, we were finally getting to see who Tricia really was perhaps an eventual recovery from her drug addiction and maybe Tricia’s redemption. But unfortunately instead her character arc reflected the sad realities of prison life and what drug addiction can sometimes could lead to.

Lane Pryce – Mad Men

So Season 4 of Mad Men as I have stated before was a bit underwhelming but there was one thing or person that stood out in my mind and broke my heart and that was Lane Pryce. From the beginning of the season it was predicted a tragic death was about to take place in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and  many had their money on Roger Sterling. But it soon became evident that the sad end might belong to charming Brit Lane. Lane’s desperate bids to keep up with the rest of his colleagues by desperately trying to get a sale with  Jaguar which Pete Campbell(who I have a love/hate relationship with) takes away from him and of course takes all the credit for. But also trying to insure that his wife and son continue to have the lavish lifestyles they were used to, were beginning to take their toll financially, physically and mentally. So he began to write company checks to cover his own financial woes and it was pretty obvious from the onset it was going to catch up with him. And it did Don Draper was the one to call him on it and despite Lane’s explanations and insistence he was good for it (he really wasn’t) and he would pay him back. But Don being Don fired him, it still seemed like a harsh move even for Don especially with Lanes desperate pleads (this later catches up with Don who is consumed with guilt in the season finale as well as leading to his downfall in Season 5 and hopefully the beginning of his redemption at the Season 5 finale).

What ensues is a tragic episode of Lane’s last day at the indulgent advertising firm; a desperate bid to redeem himself (fight with Pete Campbell) but then to spare his wife’s and his own humiliation attempts to commit suicide in ironically a Jaguar itself. He eventually and tragically decides to end it all in the one place that seemed to began his demise in the first place, by hanging himself in his office, it was both heartbreaking and shocking to watch but sadly inevitable. Was his death necessary in terms of Don’s plot yes needed Don needed that revelation even though took him a long time to get there he needed to realise that his actions to have consequences. But as for Lane I will miss him he was one of the few decent and kind-hearted male characters on the show but perhaps that was his downfall, he wasn’t able to stick the high driven advertising world of the 1960’s which perhaps another thing the show’s creators wanted to highlight as well.

(Also apologies for the video there is not much tributing the great Lane Pryce, overall the video is great but the ending is really weird just to warn you)

Karen McCluskey – Desperate Housewives

I’ve discussed this scene before in another blog post (which I have linked up above in my Lane Pryce piece), but it would seem wrong not to mention it here as well.  Karen McCluskey a much-loved character of the hit television series Desperate Housewives had a tear-jerking yet fitting end when it came to the last ever episode of the show. It was revealed during the final season that Karen was sadly dying of cancer but how they dealt with it throughout the season and her last death scene with a heartbreaking montage of “Wonderful! Wonderful!”, was really well done. While Roy played one last record for Karen as she took her final rest while it then goes to show Susan rushing to hospital with Julie as she goes into labour. As sad as that scene was it was really sweet at the same time we saw Gaby and Carlos dancing with their children at Renée and Ben’s wedding while Lynette and Tom also rush off to hospital to for the birth of their grandchild (yah odd storyline of Julie and Porter having a baby). While Bree and Trip rushed to be with Roy to say goodbye to Karen but were unfortunately too late as the last scene shows Roy kissing Karen on the forehead as the record stops to play.

As television death goes it was tragic and sad but actually sweet and perfect at the same time. While we knew Karen had passed on after a long battle with cancer it also reflected the circle of life (yes I quoted Lion King) by showing Julie and Porter’s child being born as well. I think the death is even a bit more sad considering the actress who played Mrs. McCluskey had died only a few months after that episode aired. I suppose the only qualm I had with it, is I would’ve liked Lynette to be the one rushing to Karen’s bed side as they had the closest relationship since the beginning of the show aired. But I get it her son was just about to become a father, so she needed to be with him as well (plus she didn’t know). However it was beautifully executed and perfect for the last episode, perfect way to highlight all the housewives who had been apart and affected by Karen McCluskey but also the most realistic and perfect way to say goodbye to a character that many loyal Desperate Housewives’ viewers had grown to love a great deal.

CeCe Rhodes – Gossip Girl

Who could not help but love Gossip Girl‘s CeCe Rhodes she was blunt, hilarious but also at the beginning represented the snobbery that was still was present on the Upper East Side and the possible obstacles that lay ahead for Dan and Serena (even though that relationship could raise several questions in itself). In the end CeCe was won over by Dan as she could see how much they loved each other and the same for her daughter Lily who always loved Rufus (well she did) as she eventually accepted the Humphrey’s as part of the family. So CeCe was brought in as the comic role often to help resolve drama and issues that have escalated within the Van Der Woodsen Humphrey household. However in Season  5  to expose/finally end the  Ivy Dickens posing as Charlie Rhodes plot (seriously what was that plot I mean it was interesting I guess), it was soon revealed that CeCe unfortunately had cancer and of course entrusted Ivy/Charlie to  keep it in secret from all of her family.

Eventually the Van Der Woodsen household found out how sick CeCe was when she was rushed to hospital where it was revealed Ivy/Charlie was constantly by her side and knew she was dieing of cancer the time. But another shock revelation Charlie was not in fact Charlie but Ivy and the real Charlie was Lola (I could explain it all to you properly but it really doesn’t matter). But after all that drama the sad reality hit viewers that the end was nigh for CeCe as she had suffered a stroke and didn’t have long left to live. It’s hard not to feel anything when CeCe takes her last breath and Lily and Serena are holding hands as they say their last goodbyes, but with the music and those surrounding her bed side it was a fitting end to the great CeCe Rhodes. CeCe was not a main character but likeable all the same but as I said her tragic end was necessary factor in finally revealing who Ivy really was. But it also led to really messing up the Van Der Woodsen Humphrey household till eventually we get Serena’s downfall (another storyline that is not worth mentioning). Either ways despite CeCe’s death she still managed to let her legacy live  on whether it was drama with her inheritance or through her daughter Lily’s transformation she was gone but certainly never forgotten.

Khal Drogo- Game of Thrones

Grace Helbig accurately expresses my reaction to Game of Thrones

Grace Helbig accurately expresses my reaction to Game of Thrones

Ah Game of Thrones, have you heard of this show? If you haven’t, seriously where have you been like it’s everywhere, I mean literally everywhere! But if there is one thing to take from this show everyone you like or is even remotely likeable dies. Seriously they die! In fairness this blog post could be based on Game of Thrones alone (and it kind of is) and I had to come to this traumatic realisation in the space of a month and a half (I caught up on the two seasons before season three premiered last year, after losing a bet with a friend, who I blame for this infliction upon my life). Throughout these three seasons through falling in love with various characters I have come to accept that they will inevitability die in the most unexpected and horrible way and there is nothing I can do about it. Seriously it is a brilliant show but you will be left scarred emotionally after watching it and I will begin with the first character deaths of many which I will constantly question the writers and George R.R. Martin why? And that is Khal Drogo.

I will be the first to admit from the onset I did not like him mostly because I felt for then poor innocent Daenerys Tangaryen being forced to marry Khal Drogo and he wasn’t exactly a charmer in the beginning either. But when Daenerys began to embrace Khalasar life and her marriage to Drogo, he eventually became impressed by her and she began to respect and understand the culture, that they couldn’t help but fall in love with each other. He won me over when stood up for Daenerys against her horrible brother Viserys  and well killed him with boiling hot-pot of gold (in fairness he had it coming).  But he was finally becoming one of my favourite characters when he stood up for his Khalessi against one of his own tribe and ends up getting seriously hurt as a result. The infection grows and of course Daenerys knows it’s not good, so fear of losing him she allows the priestess she saved from being raped Drogo’s army to preform dark magic to save him which everyone advises against but poor Daenerys is desperate.


Yah when it came to Drogo and many others on GOT!

Daenerys who is pregnant at the time goes into an early labour and is forced to go into the same tent where the dark magic is taking place to bring Drogo back to life. This is when it gets heartbreaking Daenerys wakes up to discover that most of the Khalasar have abandoned her and chose to follow Drogo’s old friend now adversary as a result of the dark magic that took place. If that wasn’t enough the priestess that Daenerys had saved bragged about her baby was stillborn and to add salt to the wound was ugly but  yes she may of saved Drogo but she ensured that he remained brain-dead. That priestess had played her along and wanted to punish Drogo for the mistreatment of her people. Despite Daenerys pleas for her “sun and stars” to come back to her, she knew there wasn’t any hope and spares his misery by smothering him in the tear drenching scene below.

As Game of Thrones deaths go I get it, I mean it was heartbreaking but if it wasn’t for the loss of Drogo, Daenerys would not of walked in that fire and got those darn dragon eggs to hatch. It also confirms that she is indeed blood of dragon and the rightful heir to the seven kingdoms and set her character arc on the path to be basically badass on her way to getting that iron throne (yah I am Daenery’s for the win). Still it’s hard to keep those tears at bay as Daenerys baths and begs Kahl Drogo to come back to her especially as she sobs her last words to him “When the sun rises in the west, and sets in the east, then you shall return to me my sun and stars.” As character death goes its a tragic yet a heart-warming one, which as you will see throughout this post is pretty much  an achievement when it comes to Games of Thrones.

Terry Bellefleur -True Blood

This took me completely by surprise I did not see his death coming at all, Terry Bellefleur is just a character that was and has always been there. But you couldn’t help but love his relationship with Arlene and were delighted when they finally got together and had a family of their own. They always had interesting sub plots which was always separate from Sookie’s main plot and sometimes interconnected. But Terry for all season 6 was consumed by guilt for killing his former Commander Patrick. So much so, that he wanted to kill himself as a result. He makes plans with another fellow army mate who promises to shoot him when he doesn’t expect it. Of course Terry is found out by Lafayatte who then informs an already worried Arlene who is fearful that Terry will end it once and for all. But yay for vampires who can erase your memories (if only they existed in real life) as a vampire friend erases all thoughts for Terry of killing himself as well as his guilt over Patrick’s death, sounds great except he also forgot that he has already put these plans into place.

So there we have a happy scene where Terry putting out the trash and Arlene, they both seem content and perfect and you the viewers think their troubles are over for now. But as soon as we hear the gunshot we are reminded of the deal Terry had made and knew that Terry was shot. We have the tragic and heart wrenching scene of Arlene comforting a dieing Terry by singing Mockingbird, the same song he sang to their son. It was such a sweet and sad moment at the same time despite the total shock at Terry’s death (seriously even though he planned his death for the most of the episode you don’t think he is going to die), I didn’t see it coming and really felt for them both in that scene. Was it necessary plot wise probably not but they are coming towards their last season and couldn’t really afford to spend too much time on Terry, even still he will be missed he offered some relief to the heavier story-lines on True Blood as well as being the shows general sweetheart.

Brian Griffin – Family Guy

No character death had caused so much outrage amongst fans that creators were literally forced to bring him back to life. Brian Griffin was the loyal, witty, alcoholic yet loveable family dog to the Griffin household. However he wasn’t just a family pet he was a friend to Peter, Stewie and Lois but really in more recent seasons he has become Stewie’s confidant. He was the voice of reason and personally after Stewie the favourite character on the show, so the way he was killed off was   shocking as it was brutal especially for a comedy show. I mean there were typical funny Family Guy moments in the episode but Brian getting knocked over by a car comes out of nowhere but still nothing prepares  you to think that he actually might get killed off.  It’s not until the vet says to the Griffin family that they have to say their last goodbyes that we realise that Brian will really be gone.

It actually gets really emotional (which is not something you are prepared for when watching Family Guy) the music turns dramatically sad, as the Griffin’s gather round Brian. I think Stewie’s reaction is the saddest how he tells Brian he can’t die that they were going to do so much together, he sounds like a toddler and it’s even sadder because he is about to lose the one person/dog that understood him (I feel really stupid writing about Family Guy like this because I really do see it as my feel good comedy show). But I get almost teary eyed as Brian utters his last words and thanks them for a good life and that he loves them. What proceeds is almost insult to Brian I get well that maybe any other pet death you may proceed to get a new dog/cat but to get another dog in the same episode after viewers were more than outraged after Brian’s death well was just a stupid move. So stupid that Seth MacFarlane recognised this and said he would bring the much-loved character back to life. Despite the idiocy of deciding to kill off Brian you can’t help feel for little Stewie who is clearly heartbroken over the loss of Brian who quotes Brian as his best friend and that your never supposed to lose your best friend. So beside the pointlessness of Brian’s death it does bring some arguable adorable and heart wrenching moments from Stewie.

Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

Again Grace describes

Again Grace describes how I felt about Ned

Ah Game of Thrones here we are again (I told you everyone dies) and well what I am about to discuss is one of the most famous character deaths in Game of Thrones perhaps in television history. Ned Stark was the most humble and likeable character in my opinion in Game of Thrones and well arguably the original hero of the show. He didn’t want conflict he was always trying to do the right thing for his family and for the seven kingdoms and unfortunately that was his downfall. It was a struggle for Ned from the onset when he was placed as hand of the king were there was basically corruption everywhere. Bankruptcy, everyone was and still is out for their own interest and of course willing to stab each other in the back (oh that hurt for me to type you will understand further down this post) to ensure their interests remain (hmmm this sounds really familiar). And of course Ned was getting nowhere he mean’t well trying to do the right thing but as Cersei Lannister wisely said to Ned “When you play the Game of Thrones, you Win or you Die.” So when Ned figured out that the heir to the seven kingdoms wasn’t actually the heir to the seven kingdoms (Cersei had well been “busy” with her brother), he was in trouble.

I knew the end was neigh for Ned when I started watching season one and trying to get into the series (who knew it would later consume my life) and it was not until I had gotten to the third episode I learn’t that Ned would literally  lose his head. I figured it out through a comment accidental appearing on my Tumblr feed (despite trying to avoid spoilers) and had later confirmation of it on a night out (which was annoying but my own fault). Even still despite knowing all of this when it came to Ned’s last episode there was still a big part of me that thought he might still make it out a live after he admitted that he tried to betray Joffrey (I have never hated a character more in my life). Of course he never betrayed Joffrey and didn’t want to overthrow him he was only fulfilling the wishes of his friend, King and Joffreys well supposed “father”, poor guy just wanted to go back to Winterfell with his family. Yet despite all of this it was not meant to be.

nothing is safe

Seriously no one is safe!

Because Game of Thrones did what many television shows would never dare to do they killed off their main and most likeable character in an instant. Even though I knew it was coming, nothing could still prepare you for the shock, outrage and of course upset when Joffrey announced that he wanted Eddard Stark’s head. I think viewers felt as powerless as the Stark girls in the moment they couldn’t believe it was happening and yet it was and it was over in an instant. I think it’s shocking cause you think that Eddard Stark is safe, but as the above gif displays no one is safe, not even the main protagonist and possibly voice of reason of the show. I get why his death happened it was the main motivation for the Stark family to wage war against the Lannisters (oh those Starks, those poor Starks) and basically it spurred on the whole who is the rightful heir to the seven kingdoms. It highlighted that Joffrey was not fit to be King (or near people or living things in general) but also by killing Ned Stark by the end of season one (just when we were getting an insight into his characters), showed nothing on this show is even slightly predictable, which it makes it so great and to be honest why I do love the show. As television deaths go it’s an unforgettable one I may have not got teary-eyed watching it like the others in this blog, but even though I knew it was coming it still shocked me when it occurred. 

Declan Porter – Revenge

I have stated before about my love of Revenge mostly for it’s gripping twists and turns despite season 2 slow start it still managed to contain the above but was also extremely heartbreaking due to as you can guess by now character deaths. Nothing was more heartbreaking and equally shocking than the death of Declan Porter. Seriously haven’t the Porters not been through enough, especially Jack (this makes sense in another piece below) but for him to lose his wife and then his only brother in a matter of months it’s so cruel. It’s a death you don’t see coming because when the bomb goes off in Grayson Global and it’s revealed that a man is inside your convinced it’s Jack (cause Conrad set the trap for him) since his set out on revenge (ha get it) against Conrad for Amanda’s death (will make sense below). Yet it’s a massive shock when it turns out to be Declan who is being wheeled out of the building, especially to have a then pregnant Charlotte run after him.

Despite the fear that some harm might come to Declan, the writers played a cruel trick letting us think that Declan was going to be ok after talking to Charlotte about their future and reassuring Jack that he’s going to be ok but he can’t run away he needs to stay for Charlotte. Then we get a total flip where Nolan overhears that Declan is about to have serious heart surgery (but wait what, we thought he was going to be). Declan then reveals to Nolan that he lied to Charlotte (another tear-jerking moment) that  he wanted Charlotte’s last memories of him to be happy ones and that he really needed to see her smile before he died. I find myself getting so upset for Nolan in this moment cause being the misunderstood billionaire that he is, always thought money can solve his problems but despite all the specialists he could fly in for Declan, Declan needed more time and that is one thing Nolan can’t buy. Poor Nolan (he is my favourite character after Emily)  had the horrible task of delivering the news to Jack that his little brother had passed on.

If the whole scene was not heart aching enough Nolan had a recorded goodbye message from Declan to Jack, which is made even more sad thanks to the background music. Declan goes onto to tell an already heartbroken Jack how he will make a great father as he was a great father to him. Poor Jack still doesn’t believe that Declan is dead and Nolan had to tell him that he’s gone, understandably Jack breaks down but it quickly turns to anger. Which as tragic as the death was it is clear it was designed as the final straw for Jack and the motivation he needed to cite revenge on Conrad which leads to the most shocking aspect of that episode Emily revealing who she really was. Despite Declan’s death being necessary arc for the next step when it comes to Emily’s tale of Revenge, it still doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking especially his last message to both his brother and Charlotte. I think with the major character deaths that occurred in season 2 especially Declan’s revealed no one is safe and probably why Revenge is the great show it is.

Charlie Pace – Lost

It’s been a while since Lost has ended and as I’ve mentioned in another blog post it’s a show I grew up with. Even though it’s been a while since it’s stop airing and was completely confusing there was one character death that stuck with me and that was Charlie Pace. Many characters have come and gone on Lost but Charlie Pace’s death was definitely in my opinion one of the most tragic character deaths on the show. Charlie’s death is a selfless one which shows huge character development for him because as the show revealed in the past he suffered from addiction he was selfish and put his own needs before his friends, brothers and his band. But since coming on the island, meeting and falling in love with Claire well it has changed his perspective and he is a better person for it, which his death highlights.

Charlie manages to get through to Penelope and you think for a second that maybe they are about to be rescued (but we were half way through Lost at that stage so not going to happen). Instead Penelope reveals that she is not on a boat and Charlie soon realises that Naomi (I could explain who she is but as I’ve mentioned before Lost is complicated) is a liar and is not there to rescue them. Then it happens really fast Charlie, as he is threatened with a grenade, well aware if he lets the place explode it will flood completely, drowning Desmond but also losing the only chance of anyone ever leaving the island. So he locks himself in the room while Desmond watches desperately from the outside as it starts to flood. Then right on que, is Lost’s sad tragic music where Charlie realises he is about to die as the room is starting to flood but even in that moment he achieves another selfless act. He manages to tell Desmond that it is not Penny’s Boat waiting for them by writing it on his hand. It’s heartbreaking moment as Charlie places his hand against the glass where Desmond places his on the other side. It gets even sadder when Charlie and Desmond say their goodbyes with one look, then Charlie floats away and blesses himself (I only noticed it after re-watching). To make it even sadder the scene cuts to Claire who is clearly so proud of Charlie when she’s told that he is responsible for saving everyone except she doesn’t know he’s dead. As character death’s go it’s actually a beautiful one, in a way despite his tragic end Charlie find’s his peace through his selfless act and if you are loyal Lost fan like myself you know what happens at the end and that Charlie and Claire are reunited again.

Maester Luwin – Game of Thrones

He wasn’t a main character, he wasn’t a leader or hero or witty but strangely enough out of the many character deaths that occur on Game of Thrones, I still get quite emotional over this one (look I am emotional wreck with fictional characters, I can’t distinguish fiction from reality). I don’t know why I think because overall his death reflects again the character growth for Osha but also the Stark boys (seriously the Starks, they do not have easy). It was heartbreaking to see them walk through their now destroyed home of Winterfell (it’s not that long as well after losing their father) to only find the man who was practically a father to them both, dieing by the Weirwood which is of important religious significance for the Starks. You have to feel for Bran and Rickon  in this scene when they see Luwin’s injuries because they know they are about to lose someone very important to them again.

It is heartbreaking stuff because Luwin was very much part of the Stark family, you can’t help but get a little teary eyed as very upset Bran says he doesn’t want to leave him and Luwin replies how he doesn’t want to leave them either. In similar to another character death I discuss in this post (Amanda from Revenge below), even though Luwin knows he about to die he tells Bran and Rickon since he helped birth them into the world and has seen their faces everyday and considers himself very lucky for that. It’s clear that he considers them family and knows he has to let them go in order for the best chance of survival (he knows he is going to die anyway) but you are just as heartbroken for the boys who are forced to leave Luwin behind.  Then Luwin insists to Osha to look after them, that no one else can and the fact that Luwin trusts her and Osha agrees to, it shows how much she has grown since she was first captured in season one. I think the music in this scene makes Luwin’s end even sadder (although you wonder how that is further possible) when he asks Osha to give him a quick death to end his suffering. Was there a purpose to his death probably not as Rickon and Bran were forced to leave Winterfell anyways but as I guess it would not have been much as impact if Luwin had left with them, I don’t know I lost all reasoning with GOT deaths (makes sense below). When it comes to Game of Thrones Luwin may not have been considered to be the most memorable of character deaths but despite all of this, it is still one that strucks a chord with me.

Mike Delfino – Desperate Housewives

This is definitely one of the most heart breaking character deaths on this blog post and definitely the saddest one to occur on Desperate Housewives. Mike Delfino was without doubt one of the most popular characters on the show and arguably probably the most attractive one too. He arrived in season one as the main love interest for Susan, who had both a complicated relationship but you knew that the two of them were meant to be. So on the final season of Desperate Housewives and only a few episodes away from the last ever episode, in some moment of madness they decide to shoot Mike Delfino.  Seriously I don’t get the point of it at all, to put Susan and MJ through such heartache (I know they are not real people but  it was seriously a sad character death).It’s been two years since that episode aired and I am still not happy about it but did they handle his death well? Yes I suppose I will have to admit they did.

I still don’t understand the point of it but they did give  a fitting tribute to Mike in the last three minutes of the episode. Before Mike gets shot it shows a montage of Susan and Mike’s relationship how they first met and all the wonderful moments that occurred throughout their relationship. I can’t help but get teary eyed because as sweet as that montage it’s a definite confirmation that Mike is about to die. So when he gets shot with Mary Alice’s voice narrating how brief life is it becomes even more tragic because he is just shot in an instant. While Susan realising what occurred grips onto Mike while she bawls her eyes out till the episode finishes. I mean as dramatic and sad as character deaths goes it ticks all the right boxes but considering how it was the last season (did I say that already) it was just pointless. Mike should have been in the final episode and should not of had an abrupt end but hey that’s just my opinion.

Sheriff Graham Humbert/The Hunstman – Once Upon A Time

Emma and Graham are finally getting together and they are so happy and then...

Emma and Graham are finally getting together and they are so happy and then…

To quote a friend who I tried to get interested in Once Upon A Time, “Didn’t Graham die or something?”, from that sentence I knew this show wasn’t for her (also she knows I still haven’t quite forgiven her for saying that). Because truth be told if you’re an avid fan of Once Upon A Time no one really forgets the death of the adorable and equally gorgeous Sheriff Graham or in his fairy-tale pre-cursed form The Huntsman. I still amnt over the death of Graham not just because he was portrayed by the gorgeous  Jamie Dornan, but mostly the way he died and especially the way he was killed off so soon (it was 7 episodes into a brand new show) . To be honest when I first starting watching Once Upon A Time I thought I was watching a fun family show about fairy-tales but after Graham’s death I realised it was quite dark (not Game of Thrones dark, nothing is a dark as that). It was so unexpected, I really didn’t see it coming and more over after that episode I literally became hooked (yah you’ll get that later) cause in that sense no one felt really “safe” and you had no idea whether “good will conquer all.”

I think what makes Graham’s death even more heartbreaking not only do we get  a back story of Graham trying to figure out who he is and why he feels he has no heart (spoiler-it’s literally because he has no heart) as well as his tough life as a “lonely hunter” (the title of episode was The Heart of the Lonely Hunter, you’ll get it after you watched the below clip). But more importantly we see our heroine Emma but really a main protagonist at this stage of the show, struggling to open up her heart (this becomes even more heartbreaking as you move onto Season 2). Emma knows she has feelings for Graham but she won’t admit to them or act on them for fear of getting hurt (again in Season 2 it all painfully makes sense adding onto her severe abandonment issues which is again understandable), but it wasn’t till a heart to heart with her new roomie (really her mum) Mary Margaret, that she realises that maybe she was ruining any chances of happiness or love by “keeping the walls up” around her heart.

Mary Margret speaks the truth of Emma's walls

Mary Margaret speaks the truth of the walls Emma keeps around her heart

So she took a chance and for the first time in a long time, she let down her walls for Graham and kisses him, and in that moment Graham remembers who he is.  The power of True Love or the power of the Saviour’s Kiss? We’ll never know because literally after that second Emma opens herself up to love and Graham remembers who he truly is because of it (and its ten times more heartbreaking because they are both so happy in that second see top gif and below clip). Regina (the Mayor/Evil Queen) crushes his heart and he dies of fatal heart attack in Emma’s arms, while Emma who is bawling her eyes out, desperately tries to revive him. Was the death necessary? As much as I hate to write this, yes. But from a character perspective no, we finally saw who Graham was and finally saw Emma taking a risk in opening herself up, but from a plot perspective it was necessary.

It highlighted just how “Evil” The Evil Queen was and what she was capable of doing if pushed, but more importantly it generally pushed the direction of the show into a darker place. By making it darker, as horrible as it is to say, it made it more relatable to a general audience because life is and to quote Regina not all “unicorn and rainbow stickers” and really as weird as it sounds, is the main reason I really like the show. But fear not Jamie Doran has gone onto better and more infamous things by landing the big role of Christian Grey in the scandalous film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. And as for Emma Swan she looks set for the path of true love herself (even though right now she might have some difficulty in remembering that) with none other than redeemed villain Captain Hook, who is constantly putting her first and saying swooning speeches whilst doing so (seriously if something happens to him though, I will not be pleased, just saying).  But I will never forget Graham no matter how brief his appearance, he made a lasting impression on Emma’s heart (she still wears his shoe lace around her wrist) and most definitely mine.

There is arguably another death that occurred at the end of the Mid_Season 3 Finale but I refuse to believe it, I won’t even type it never mind think it.

And in even worse news it  has been revealed recently that a major character will die and be gone for good when the show returns in March. I swear if they do another Graham with Hook (it will hurt ten times more considering how far he’s come and how far Emma has come) I actually don’t think I would enjoy the show in the same way. Any main character death will break my heart but Hook in particular cause he has really grown on me this season (I loved him before now he’s just well almost made season 3 for me a long with Peter Pan and Regina and Emma and Rumpelstiltskin ok it was a good season). Either-ways I don’t want anyone to die, I am too emotional invested in all the main characters and I will be distraught whoever goes..I hate this show (I say this while currently re-watching the all 3 seasons and half).

Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne – Revenge

I have already discussed the tragic death of Declan Porter above but one character death in Revenge which I have difficulty getting over is the death of Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne (if you watch Revenge you can understand that she is posing as the main protagonist real identity of Amanda Clarke but is really Emily Thorne but for this post I’ll call her Amanda).  These two were practically sisters and despite Emily’s sociopathic tendencies to achieve her revenge you couldn’t help but feel and root for her mostly as result of the tragedy she suffered throughout her life.  But despite Emily’s cold cover and the hassle Amanda caused for her, you could tell that Emily genuinely loved Amanda which makes it even more heartbreaking.

Amanda hasn’t had an easy life either (considering that they both met in juvenile hall) but she was finally getting her happy ending by marrying Jack, heading off into the sunset on their honeymoon. But this is Revenge there are no happy endings and from the first episode we knew a death was coming and when as it was revealed that it would occur on a boat, viewers knew a strong likelihood that it could be Jack. Even though we thought it would be a predictable twist  that in fact that Nate Ryan would  die due to Emily saving the day by kicking his ass and rescuing an unconscious Jack in the process. Emily couldn’t unfortunately stop Amanda from returning on the boat which was about to explode (she didn’t know that in fairness) in order to rescue her necklace. As a result Amanda is severely injured but you still think it’s going to be ok, its not till you see Emily cradling Amanda in her arms that you know it’s not going to end well.

I remember being genuinely shocked watching this scene below because I couldn’t believe that Amanda was about to die. It’s not until you see Amanda’s wounds and well Emily getting teary eyed (she rarely shows her emotions) as Amanda’s makes her promise to look after Jack and her baby, you can’t help get upset yourself. Then tears start to flow for both me and Emily as she apologies for what’s happened and this is the bit that kills me the most, Amanda tells her not to apologise that Emily gave her the one thing she thought she would never have a family. If that was not enough stabs to the heart they show a flashback scene of Emily and Amanda as teenagers where Emily promises she will come back for her and Amanda hugs her goodbye and says that she loves her (Emily doesn’t hear that often). Then they flash-forward (I am actually getting a little teary eyed typing it) to Emily staring at Amanda saying she loved her too (which is heartbreaking because Emily never utters those words). I think like with OUAT’s Graham’s death (above) I was just as sad for Emma as I am for Revenge’s Emily because Emily like Emma has lost so much and to lose someone who was a sister to Emily, well simply it’s just really sad. I know it’s not real I get that and it was necessary plot wise to motivate Emily for her revenge and it’s a show known for shocks and well gripping twists. Even though Amanda was annoying in season one she was there for Emily in season two and it is actually a character death that I really haven’t gotten over and still get upset  watching (even though for this blog post I’ve watched it numerous times). The fact that it affects me so much even now well shows as character deaths go it is a well construed one and Revenge writers I will give you props for that. (I still hate you for making Emily cry so much).

Finn Hudson – Glee

This is without doubt the saddest of all character deaths as it wasn’t planned and the reality viewers were mourning two people the fictional sweet character of Finn Hudson and the actor Corey Monteith who died last year. The writers were left with the difficult task of how to handle Finn Hudson’s character not being in the show any more or even would the show still be able to continue? They were grieving, the rest of the cast were grieving and of course included the loyal fans but what the writers decided to do was admirable. They decided to have a whole episode dedicated to Finn Hudson and how everyone who was apart of his life were coping. It was a heart breaking episode from the get go opening with Seasons of Love from the musical Rent covered by the new Glee club which Finn helped mentor but closing with the Glee club which Finn was apart of but a leader to as well.

It was a sad episode, I don’t think there was not a sad moment in this episode as every character coped with Finn’s death in their own way. They didn’t focus on how Finn died (unlike the media who was constantly obsessed with Corey Monteith’s death) but as his stepbrother  Kurt said “Everyone wants to talk about how he died, but who cares? It’s one moment in his whole life,” and they focused on Finn the person and not that one horrible moment. I think it’s what made it feel more real but also an appropriate way to say goodbye to a much-loved character. The difficulty I found with this post on Finn Hudson’s death was what would be the most appropriate clip to include in this blog piece as nearly every performance had me in tears. It was a close tie between Santana who was heart wrenching in this episode trying to deal with her grief and unable to finish her performance of  If I Die Young which was dedicated to Finn.

However the only clip I could really  include was of Rachel’s performance of Make You Feel My Love. Because you know no one is acting in that scene they are genuinely mourning Corey as well as Finn, it is ten times more heart breaking considering Lea Michele was engaged to Corey as well. How she got through that performance I will never know, her appearance in the episode was brief but effective especially when she called Finn her person and hung his picture in the show choir room’s wall. Glee handled Corey’s and Finn’s death in a genuine yet still incredibly moving way which was no easy feat but they still found the proper way to say goodbye to the quarterback.

The Red Wedding – Game of Thrones

total deaths got

Total deaths so far in the book series which Game of Thrones is based on

The Red Wedding, I mean I am not sure even where to begin with this but I remember the week when the episode aired I had no internet and what a week to have no internet. Everyone, everywhere was talking about it and I knew something major happened and desperately tried to avoid spoilers until I returned to my parent’s home to avail of their secure internet connection. But the one source I thought I could possibly be safe from spoilers (two days after the episode aired) was a newspaper. However I was wrong, as there on the second page was a giant picture of Cateyln Stark with a knife to her throat and from that I knew she was dead, my friend who had seen the episode warned me there was more to it than that and unfortunately she was right. So I sat down with bated breath and watched the episode, despite knowing it was going to be pretty shocking, nothing prepared me for what occurred in the last 8 minutes. My reaction was a mixture of horror, shock, upset, horror again and just sort’ve numb reaction as in seriously did that occur? Did they really just practically kill everyone?! They did and it is truly the most shocking of all characters’ deaths in this blog post and I am still not over it.

I had to re-watch for the benefit of this post but even that I did with great difficulty because it starts off all happy, your thinking that maybe just maybe the Starks are finally getting the break they need. How wrong I was, seriously how extremely wrong I was? Robb finally made peace with the Frey household after not marrying Lord Walder’s daughter as a result of falling in love with the beautiful medic Talisa instead. We get a rare happy scene between Robb and Talisa where they discuss their future and how Talisa wants name their child Eddard (sound familar) as Cateyln looks fondly on at the happy couple. But Catelyn is the only character to know that something is really wrong with this set up, especially when she sees the guards lock the door and gets further confirmation of it when the tune where this episode will always be associated with “The Rains of Castmere” starts to play. When Walder Frey starts to give a speech to King Robb Stark while a helpless Cateyln watches on all to aware about what is to occur. It’s just so brutal and viscious, Talisa is the first to go with just brutal multiple stabbings into her stomach killing her unborn child and then of course her. Then Robb gets hit with arrows then Catelyn while we have another helpless female Stark watching outside the castle, realising what is going on. While Lord Frey is having a great time watching the massacre taking place in front of him laughing away and sipping his wine. I feel so sorry for everyone in this scene but especially Arya she finally thinks she might be reunited with her family only to have those hopes quashed again in the most horrific way (she also bore witness to her fathers beheading). Seriously the Starks never catch a break!

Anyway an extremely injured Cateyln in a desperate bid to save her son (one thing though I will say superb acting from Michelle Fairley in this scene, she is amazing) she promises to forget all the massacre if he lets her first-born son Robb go or she’ll slit Walder Frey’s wife throat. To which Walder coldly replies he will get another wife after that you know there is no hope left. Poor Robb stares down at his own dead wife and then calls to his mother (who is bawling her eyes out) giving her a look of despair/surrender he’s given up in every shape and form as he is then stabbed to death. While Catelyn wails and proceeds to slit Lord Frey’s wife’s throat, while standing there speechless staring at her dead son and then of course gets her throat slit. That’s it, that’s The Red Wedding.  It’s gorey, its horrific, it well proved how dark this show is and as I’ve said above that no one is safe.  I mean was there a logic behind it probably, I don’t know I am still not over it, how many members of the Stark family are left? Lets hope in season 4 something happens in their favour, or at least Arya gets some vengeance. I don’t even know anymore the Red Wedding, yes I am clearly not over it.


Honourable Mentions: Coronation Street is a British soap I only watch when I am home at my parents (my mother loves it). But I have watched the soap as long as I can remember and one of the characters who has been a constant part of the soap is Hayley, who tragically was dieing of cancer. Then ensued the heartbreaking scene of Hayley ending her life while her devoted husband Roy says how much he loves her you would have to have a heart of stone not to feel anything there.

And then there is Grey’s Anatomy, I gave up on that show a long time ago it’s verging on Game of Thrones with the amount of main character deaths that occurred. But the character deaths I will never forget is Denny’s (poor Izzy) and George’s death, seriously that was just such a heartbreaking scene especially when everyone realised who he was (they thought it was a random patient). Then the mass gun shooting was just unbelievable and as sad when it came to character deaths. I believe more tragic stuff has occurred since that but I sort of gave up after the shooting (not sure why but I simply lost interest), but maybe there is only  a certain character death’s I can take, better watch out Game of Thrones (oh who am I kidding I can’t wait for Season 4).


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