Tumbling into my heart!

So ignoring the cheesy title, I decided to dedicate one blog post to a social media platform that is truly amazing and which I only discovered last year. Tumblr!

That's me pretty much all the time on Tumblr (I have no regrets!)

That’s me pretty much all the time on Tumblr (I have no regrets!)

Tumblr is everything a social media network should be it’s deep, it’s meaningful, it’s informative and most importantly it’s addictive! I joined it exactly a year ago purely out of curiosity to delve into further of my obsession with the Emmy Award Winning (which I can now say) web series that is the The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Since then it’s pretty much become a part of my daily routine (if you’re judging me I recommend stop reading this post now, it only gets worse from here), I mean where else can I fangirl over my favourite television shows (if you come here often there is a lot of them).

It enables me to explore informative topics (seriously its actually quite educational I have learnt surprisingly a lot from it whether it’s through links to articles or different views you would not easily avail from other media outlets). And from that, find solace in those who share similar views to you (cause sometimes with us all being interconnected we can see a lot of the negative stuff and it can be often disheartening). Then there is the depressingly wow that is so relatable post and I must re-blog it because it could’ve practically been written by me. But I suppose one of the main reasons I  love Tumblr so much, is the Gifs (which this blog post will feature many of). I blame Tumblr for my discovery of Gifs, the understanding over obsession of using Gifs and also my obsession in using Gifs and by the way  pronunciation is “Jif” (but I maintain it’s Gif, I mean there is a G there!).

Kim gets it!

Kim Kardashian phrased it better than I ever could (never thought I’d type that)

So if you told me a year ago on Tumblr, that I would be obsessed to the extent that I am, I would not of believe it, because I remember when I originally joined Tumblr, I felt completely lost. I didn’t understand the concept I mean why would you share things for no reason, for no one to see? Where would you put statuses to discuss your pointlessness activities of the day or to brag? All Tumblr seemed to contain was Gifs and pictures and various posts containing no word count, coming from the world of Facebook and Twitter it was unsettling.

So I posted a few things and gradually followed all blogs that were related to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (because I was obsessed with it at the time) but it gradually built, I gradually found other Tumblr blogs about other television programmes I loved. But then it moved on from that to quotes, to relatable quotes to blog posts to well everything and anything, what shocks me I love it more than any other social network out there even though it is the least self-indulgent one.

Gifs that accurately express your emotions

Gifs that accurately express your eugh       emotions (completely necessary)!

I share nothing about myself on it and it’s a public platform and maybe the main reason is there is nobody I know on it (there are two friends but they set up profiles but they didn’t get it or probably are not as obsessed as me). But if you choose to read between the lines you could argue that there is a lot of information about me there then again from that you would think I am always miserable about something (I  do give out a lot but Tumblr does spurn a lot of depressing quotes but I re-blog a lot of happy stuff too!!).

Or that I am deeply delusional and really think I will end up with the likes of Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender and/or Captain Hook (I am extremely aware that they’re celebrities and perhaps one is a fictional character from a television show). Or that I probably obsess too much with television shows and fictional characters (but I think you’ve gotten that by now).


Who wouldn’t want an awesome gif of Audrey blinking, I mean seriously!

It also seems to be one of the most personal social networks which is ironic but perhaps that’s because there are no limits. You don’t have to be quirky (with Twitter again there are word limits which often makes you feel you have to come up with something short and insightful) or create a status containing bragging rights or complaints about the usual stuff (which is mostly Facebook and I openly admit I have a problem with that and I am trying to do less of..but again it’s addictive). But then there is Tumblr (I haven’t done it myself) but the YouTube stars or writers I do follow on Tumblr have written insightful and often long blog posts about my favourite shows, characters, important stuff or everything about anything, there are limits when it comes to word or content.

The structure makes it more interesting  with views, commentary and debates that can constantly be re-blogged. So like I said in my opening paragraphs opinions on various topics  can get encircled all across Tumblr to anyone across the globe, it’s a good thing. It gets people talking and some blog posts have made into articles on pretty renowned sites and there is no question that these pretty famous sites have used Tumblr for the basis of many of their articles or arguable lists (you can guess what sites I am talking about).  Some argue that Tumblr is the social media form of a diary, I suppose you could argue that when it comes to being cryptic on personal matters on a public platform (which everyone is entitled to do, cause hey it’s their profile) but when it comes to me and my blogging about stuff I will always be doing it here, but I won’t deny that Tumblr is still a great platform for getting my blog posts out there too.

This is what Gifs were invented for!

This is what Gifs were invented for aka re-living Captain Hook’s face!

Of course too much of anything is never a good thing, that can be the same said for Facebook, Twitter and especially Tumblr because as brilliant as it is, you can find yourself in a daze of constantly re-liking and re-blogging anything. So just as great social media is at enabling us to connect with whoever whenever from wherever, as cheesy as it sounds are we really connected? Because the likes of Facebook and Twitter convinces us to put a portrayal of what we want others to see, but most importantly how we want to view our selves (openly admit I am guilty of this there are so many pictures and information, I will not allow on Facebook because I couldn’t bear anyone especially me to see them) and what does Tumblr offer? Well in my opinion it definitely offers escapism.

Which is ok in small doses especially after something awesome/shocking happens on your favourite television programmes (which is happening a lot lately) but to get to an obsessive stage (which maybe I am at) is probably not a good thing. So like with any social media network (especially Tumblr for me) you need some balance once in a while it’s ok to immerse and connect online but you need to do the same offline as well. So even though we are extremely intertwined online more than ever before (with the likes of Snapchat, Viber and WhatsApp we are now in a state of constant communication). However face to face interaction with friends, family and people in general wins hands down (because you can edit comments online but you definitely can’t edit spoken conversations and that makes it more real in that regard because sometimes you can’t hold back and again sometimes that’s necessary), of course they are more fun (you get to see people’s real reactions, as in facial expressions!) and definitely healthier too.

Indeed like Lizzie Bennet I have tried!

Indeed like Lizzie Bennet I have tried!

But my point is when it comes to the time for me to relax and have an old look at the social networks, Tumblr wins hands down for me, for the many reasons I have listed above. I have come a long way from a year ago embracing various blogs, the language of Tumblr with discussions and tags (yes I shamefully admit I have written OTPs, ships and the likes). Despite my little following seriously (I think I know 3 people tops following me), it’s addictive and quite frankly fun and where is the harm in that, as long as I’ve mentioned constantly in this post you find balance with everything else.

So if you dare to venture on Tumblr and really you should because since Yahoo’s investment in the company,  it looks like it’s not going anywhere and probably only going to get bigger and better. As for me I will probably go back to re-blogging Gif’s of Ryan Gosling’s face, I mean reading interesting conversations and articles of course, and if you still don’t get my new obsession, perhaps this brilliant parody of Lady GaGa’s Applause about Tumblr, might explain it all:


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